Do nothing, make money

Selling something you don't want on the Internet is great in theory, but if you were someone who liked putting effort into things, you probably wouldn't have all that virginity in the first place. To unload your stuff without the hassle, use BidKat.Step One: Upload a pic, description, and min/max price for whatever you're slinging, and BK'll create a "mini auction" on their site, centralizing the process by creating a direct link you can share over FB, Twitter, Craigslist, and even online classified ads, in case you've never heard of Craigslist. Step Two: Whenever a prospective buyer makes an offer, their bot will automatically start negotiating to get 'em as close as possible to your max price, hopefully by being all like "I am a robot and I will kill you if you don't pay Chris more money for his collection of ABBA LPs".Step Three: Log in anytime to see how many people have viewed your auction and view contact info for the highest bidder to date, so whenever you decide you're getting the "best possible price" you can easily do what you never did in college: seal the deal.