A ghettoblaster you can wear

Know what's more annoying than people who blast their headphones so loud you can hear what they're listening to? Discovering you're out of toilet paper when you're taking a dump! Oh, and also headphones that actually transform into a boombox at the press of a button, like these brand-new Boomphones

Stocked with rechargeable lithium batteries for up to 5hrs of use, each over-the-ear pair's equipped with four speakers -- two facing your ears, two facing all of those annoyed subway riders now staring at you -- and LEDs on the earcups that flash red or white to indicate which set is in action... in case you couldn't tell by where the music is coming from. And that's not all: the cord's built-in volume control features a push-to-talk button for answering calls, which means you can quickly do the most annoying thing of all: put someone on speakerphone!