Boosted Boards

Because manually pushing your skateboard can be a real grind and driving a Prius makes you look boneless -- it's cool, you can have a moment to take in that sick double shred pun -- you need a Boosted Board: an uber-portable, electrically powered skate deck that charges in under two hours, can cruise uphill at speeds of 20mph, and weighs in at an impressively slender 12lbs, making it the lightest vehicle since anything starring Verne Troyer. Developed under the guidance of a former Tesla engineering director, the BB's compact twin motors can haul you up to six miles on a full charge, and are operated via a ring-sized, wireless finger remote that controls the throttle and brakes. Speaking of which, applying those regenerative breaks will actually give your battery a kick, allowing you to tell your lame old manual board to go shove-it.