Tattoo master is ready to art up your walls

It's hard to believe that painting on canvas would be more terrifying than jabbing a needle into human flesh 120 times per second, but that's how Tucson tattooist Bruce Gulick felt for years before overcoming his fear of being held up against millenia of art history and teaching himself the techniques needed to transfer his feverish imagination onto something that didn't yelp "Oh goddamn it!". Some of the former Coast Guardsman's finest:

Shortly after creating Mana Overlord, a random guy walked into Bruce's Magic Fun Store on Tucson's main drag, stretched his arms wide, got a stricken look on his face, and collapsed. "I'd like to think I gave someone an aneurism with my art, but I think he was just looking for an excuse to go to the hospital."

Times are tough for the butcher in Whatever It Takes, so tough that he's selling pieces of himself. Fortunately, unlike with Katie Holmes' angsty 2003 turn in Pieces of April, people are buying!

This scene approximates the party Bruce attended on planet M'Thelzybekk after taking salvia, except, astronaut-fish aside, this get-together has some relationship with our reality, whereas M'Thelzybekk does not -- which explains why Bruce has not revisited M'Thelzybekk/salvia.

Of course Bruce still does tattoos -- that video above is a sweet animated commercial for his shop starring a sex-addicted unicorn, the last thing you want jabbing you 120 times per second.