Standout suds-toters

The work of a soldier-turned-K-12-art-teacher (no, not you Treat Williams, sit down), Carlburg Pottery sculpts attention-grabbing growlers to your specifications using nothing but glue, Popsicle sticks, and waaaay too much glitter!, turning just about anything you can dream up into a moonshine-style jug, a traditional flagon, or something "sized to meet your requirements".To order a drinking cistern, either fill out their web form -- including any specific text/font you want, your preferred color scheme/glazes, and pics w/ instructions on how you'd like them incorporated -- or ask him to riff on one of his finished pieces, which include everything from Super Mario's Missile Bill, to elaborate, 3D demon faces, such fine pieces of art that you'll soon find there's just no Substitute.