Artified cartography of literally any place

Published On 02/27/2012 Published On 02/27/2012

College -- your parents send you there hoping you'll map out your life, and in return you spend most mornings needing a map just to stumble back to your room. Thankfully, the husband & wife behind City Prints are capturing those halcyon days with personalized, hand-drawn cartography repping campuses across the country.

Universities: Covering more than 30 big-name campuses and Appalachian State (!), the existing stock comes default with the streets & backgrounds in school color combos, though you can go custom if you'd like to make an Arizona State-ment (a joke that clearly went to the Arizona State School of Humor).

Custom: Did you forgo traditional higher education in order to escape society and live in harmony with nature? Then you probably don't subscribe to awesome, city-based newsletters, but you can still shoot 'em an email and ask that they sketch up a preview of your favorite hiking trail, or vacation spot, or literally any other place you can think of.

Fiction: Should college not be removed enough from reality for you, they even accept commissions for maps of fictional cities like Gotham and Metropolis, though if that's a major interest for you, you probably weren't spending a lot of nights away from your room.



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