Art collecting for dummies

Do you find buying art to be intimidating? Is it because Madonna looks like a succubus going all full frontal in the middle of the street? Well fear not, because Cureeo can help you easily identify art you like beyond photos of hot naked chicks in black & white. Billed as "Match.com but for rare and collectible artwork", this new e-shop peddles original/ltd-ed work from dozens of "the best artists across the country" handpicked by a posse of accredited gallery owners, museum exhibition directors, and other people who would never speak with you in person.

Finding something you dig's as simple as using the filter tool to sort by style, price, shape, color palette, and 2D or 3D work -- ironic considering the site's for people who lack a Magic Eye -- and you can explore an artist's background (bio, awards, etc) if you want more info on your investment. Best of all, they offer a full refund if you decide you hate your piece after hanging it up, which, considering your questionable taste in art, is as bold a move as standing naked in the street.