Drink like a Viking or heartless ivory poacher

You say you've guzzled drinks out of pint glasses, chalices, funnels, and maybe the occasional pimp cup, but never a horn? Well, that day has finally come, thanks to the entrepreneurs behind Das Horn. Holding 24 ounces (or roughly two drinks), this "superior drinking vessel" kicks the crap out of a Solo cup. It's the brainchild of David Segall and industrial designer Alex Chatham, who embarked on a mission to create a quality modern drinking horn after Segall ordered a disappointing batch for his friends. Several months of work and discarded test models later, they arrived at Das Horn, a gadget tested for grip, texture, look, and ease of drinking. Das Horn is made out of BPA-free plastic and has a laser-etched logo on its stainless steel rim -- if you contribute enough to its Kickstarter, you can get up to 25 characters of your own choosing etched in as well. Generous donors may also receive accessories like neck straps, stands, and T-shirts. If you'd like to be part of the Das Horn legacy, head over to Kickstarter to stake your claim. Photos: DasHorn.com