Get inked without regret

It's important to put forethought into the design of a tattoo, lest you one day look down at your bicep only to deeply regret your dragon-riding Valkyrie not having even bigger breasts. Putting equal forethought into temporary tats is Dottinghill, a community where crowd-sourced designs are put into production only after being voted on by the public. Before you giddily tell your friends, here's how it works

Vote: Looks submitted by pro designers can be rated by anyone on a scale of 1-5, meaning even you can weigh in on a trio of ornate keys with USB jack tips, and a head of lettuce donning pink shades to look cool as iceberg

Shop: 40 currently green-lit designs include an ink-black octopus, a T-rex puking a rainbow, a plaid platypus, and "LOVE" spelled out with assault weapons, a look that could be termed "warm and fUzi"

Submit: Even non-pros can nominate designs they spot online by providing deets about their origins and the artist, making a cool $50 if it gets voted into production, not enough scratch to remove that Valkyrie, but possibly enough to give her a boob job.