Make sure there's video rolling the next time you gleam the cube

Drift’s new action video cam blows its competitors -- and its previous models -- out of the water. Literally. The HD Ghost is waterproof to nine feet. And that's with an upgraded two-inch LCD protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass strong enough to survive the ghastliest golfing mis -- er, gnarliest wipeout.The HD Ghost lets you alternate resolutions and frame rates, and if you can't be sure when something awesome will happen, there's Flashback mode, which continuously records video, but keeps only the most recent footage. Hit the button at any point and you can save up to five minutes of looping video.All of this can be controlled either on the camera or from the wearable remote. The only question remaining is not what the HD Ghost can do, but what it can’t do. (Answer: not much.)