Fry your way through every state

Fry your way through every state
Fry your way through every state


Inspired by DIY attitudes and "American optimism" (specifically the optimistic view that one can endlessly eat fried food and not die of a heart attack), WI-based FeLion's "Made In America" series consists of 48 hand-poured, cast iron skillets that have nothing to do with Jay-Z and Kanye, being intricately shaped like every contiguous US state. Assemble them all to create a map measuring nearly 10ft wide and weighing in at a very American 550lbs, or grab your fave states individually (either "seasoned" or not) to whip up meals like:

"Breakfast in New England": Use the surface area of Maine to work up a few strips of bacon, prepare a Mass of scrambled eggs, and use Rhode Island to cook two square inches of whatever people hate eating lots of.

"A Great Great Lakes Lunch": Mash in your bread to make a Wisco-shaped grilled cheddar cheese, then pay homage to MI and its Upper Peninsula by eating it with the ravenous greed of a wolverine.

"My Dinner with Andre... as Fault": At 2' long, dual-handled CA can handle a swath of grass-fed steaks on one side and veggies on the other, leaving Oregon and Washington free to exercise America's DIY attitude by doing nothing at all.

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