Playing with your food is totally acceptable

Published On 10/25/2011 Published On 10/25/2011

From a graphic designer who once frolicked as the NJ Devils' mascot and's chosen the exact perfect time in the history of the WWE to become an "aspiring pro wrestler", Foogos is a photo gallery of sports teams' logos he creates entirely out of perishable foodstuffs using his hands, chopsticks, spoons, and knives, for no other reason than "why not?", the only logical retort to which is literally anything you can think of. Breaking down his bouts of "food art fever" by league:

NHL: The most repped w/ almost 20 examples, masterpieces include the Penguins' skating waterfowl in white mini marshmallows, dark chocolate sauce, and graham crackers; the Devils' logo in a red marinara, sitting on a bowl of spaghetti and outlined by oregano; and the Flyers' "P" done with raw roast beef and shredded cheddar, though how he got the money from Daniel Briere's contract is anyone's guess (also, who Daniel Briere is is also anyone's guess).

NFL: The Packers' "G" appropriately done in scraps of white & yellow cheese on a spinach background; a mushroom Broncos pizza; and for Dallas, a ground black pepper star surrounded by a border of provolone, fitting, as their defense is no longer Swiss cheese.

MLB: A yellow mustard Oakland Athletics "A" on relish; an onion Phillies "P" blessing some chili; and the Dodgers' "LA" made of horseradish and resting on some pickles, exactly what the team found itself in once when they discovered their ownership was more perishable than food.