Which gadget is the biggest loser?

Economies aren't the only scales electronics companies care about. In today's size-obsessed culture, shedding weight is just as important to the longevity of many gadgets as it is to the morbidly obese people who become easily exhausted carrying them around. But who has had the most success? The following technological wonders have been battling for years in their own Biggest Loser competition to determine who has the discipline, dedication, and egghead R&D guys it takes to be the smallest. Check out the tale of the tape:

PLAYSTATION 3At a girthy 10.9 lbs, add three finger holes to the original PS3 and it could be mistaken for some kind of flattened, weird, unusable bowling ball. Just released this Fall, though, the latest model weighs half as much, making it small enough to bring to very boring parties

Weight Lost: 6.4 lbs (The same as this bronze statue.)

IPHONEIn spite of hitting a growth spurt, the new iPhone lost a hefty 0.85 oz, nearly 20% of its total weight. That's the equivalent of a travel-sized tube of toothpaste. Way to go, iPhone, treat yourself to a new dress... or one of these fun cases! In fact, the latest model is so light, some folks are complaining, because maligning fantastic technology is a great way to live

Weight Lost: 0.85 oz

IPADConsidering that not much has changed with the iPad’s overall design, losing 0.06 lbs (about 1oz) is still admirable. That’s the same weight as a shaker of Frontier Salad Sprinkles, or one of these chocolate woman’s legs

Weight Lost: 0.06 lbs

IPODApple certainly knows how to trim the fat. Their best-selling MP3 player has lost 1.6 ounces over the years, while gaining 150 GB of memory. Smaller and bigger? How can that be? The ELO it's pumping says "Strange Magic".

Weight Lost: 1.6 oz

KINDLEThe e-book craze started with a thud when the first Kindle dropped. But the years have been kind to the Kindle, which has appropriately managed to shrink down to the size and weight of an actual book... for children

Weight Lost: 2.8 oz

XBOX 360The original Xbox 360 would have won its high school yearbook award for Best Personality. Because it was a fat block of computer parts with a brick of a power cord. Once it went to college, though, it sweat off a few pounds, and probably slept around during orientation before realizing it was getting a reputation. The result: it lost a Marmot Pinnacle Sleeping Bag's worth of weight

Weight Lost: 2.8 lbs

THINKPADIBM's first notebook was more of telephone book, weighing in at over six pounds and boasting enough built-in storage for two MP3 albums and a Lode Runner game save! "Portable" under only the most liberal of definitions, this leviathan has shed three-and-a-half pounds over the past 20 years, with the X1 Carbon coming in at 2.99 lbs. At this rate, in 10 years, laptops will be the size of a pinky toe, and the iPhone will be composed of air molecules that drift near your ear

Weight Lost: 4.61 lbs

Congratulations, PS3, you're technology's biggest loser!! Weight Lost: 6.4 lbs.