Superheroes, movies, and music get reimagined

Variety is important because how can you get through life without knowing the latest box office returns!?, which is why French artist Greg Guillemin keeps his days of illustrating comic book heroes, rock albums & movie posters fresh by regularly switching up the style in which he captures them, evoking everything from German industrialism to the cartoon stylings of South Park. Some geekily awesome (geeksome?) looks include:

Bauhaus: Modeled after promotional posters for the 20thC German school, these block-ish numbers artfully incorporate the name and visage of crime fighters Batman and Iron Man, who no doubt approves of the Stark design.

"Smooth" Minimalism: There are ultra-simple odes to movies like Star Wars and Scream, and re-imaginings of hit album covers from Abbey Road to Animals, so they should Come Together quite nicely on your wall even if the rest of your place looks like you live with Pigs (Three Different Ones). Oh! Darling...that was bad.

Paper-cutting: Comically exaggerated and nearly monochromatic, these include a craggy Hulk, and the black-horned red demon from Legend, so...Tom Cruise after seeing "Trapped In The Closet" on South Park!