Colombian bags that aren't filled with drugs

Published On 01/04/2012 Published On 01/04/2012

When Americans think of Colombia, they think of two things: a cripplingly addictive export that can keep people partying for days on end, and some other stuff that isn't Shakira. But they also produce rad bags that're perfect for carrying their awesome drugs music, as proven by Hasso, a Bogota outfit that enlists master artisans to handcraft slick leather & canvas accessories that're "durable and convenient for the present urban needs". The lineup includes:

The Soto: Like the Helen Mirren of bags because it "only gets better with age", this joint's in five colorways and boasts a fleece-lined "foamed laptop compartment", which usually only happens when your computer virus happens to be rabies.

The Domingo: Perfect for orchestrating (hey, where else can you go to get cutting-edge wordplay involving famed Spanish tenors?) your "day-to-day" life, this thin backpack's eight colorways include both all-leather and canvas-augmented looks, but all boast antique brass hardware and a cushioned, waterproof interior complete with iPod, card, and pen stashes.

Sleeves: Options range from the magnet-close iPad-sized Aldo to the laptop-ready Sabino, both of which're lined with faux fur and cut from nylon-polyester canvas, proving Colombia knows how to cut up more than just wait, rugs! Cutting up rugs with their super-addictive music!



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