Yep, your phone controls robots

Published On 03/05/2012 Published On 03/05/2012

Built by a team of engineers in Hong Kong who knew enough about iRobot to avoid getting sued, but not enough to seed the eventual enslavement of humans, the iDroid's an Optimus Prime-esque, 18in cyborg whose nine mini motors are controlled via your tablet or smartphone... which probably won't be feeling so smart when the iDroids take over. Don't worry, all of your questions are about to be answered riiiiight... NOW!

I always promised myself I wouldn't buy another robot unless it was, you know, a sex one. So... is it? Well that's creepy, but with sexual deviants being such an in-demand marketing demographic, let's just gloss over that and say that it does have a rotating claw with which to grip things. What's more, the iDroid operates at six different speed levels, so unlike Adam Sandler, it won't be permanently stuck at a Medium Pace.

What if it attempts to ward off my comely robot advances? Well hopefully it just chooses to walk in whichever one of its six directions take it furthest away from you, but it does have six mini missiles that it can fire up to six feet, as well as the ability to alternate fist punches like a little Krav Megatron.

Alright, maybe we'll just start off as friends... For this decision, iDroid would like to bow to you. Which it can do. While twisting. Like a courteous robo-Chubby Checker. Perhaps it will even let you program up to a 10-minute sequence of the aforementioned events using the app's Record & Demo mode, though it'll probably start plotting your enslavement as soon as it gets cybored.



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