A totally different take on cartography

Like deep-cut Weather Report tracks and casual sex, maps are irrefutably easier to find on the internet, so it's no surprise that people are coming up with interesting things to do with the now underutilized hard copies. Having lived in Austria, Indonesia, Lebanon, Ecuador, Mexico, the US, and now Canada, Ingrid Dabringer paints (and inks) over physical cartographic renderings, blocking out certain parts while incorporating segments of detail to create “exaggerated and distorted” characters representing each region’s “quest for meaning”, also a movie in which Jean Claude Van Damme enters a tournament of deep reflection, then totally does a full split. A sampling:

1) Titled "Ireland Hexes UK", this scene features a fairy-esque figure built around the Emerald Isle hovering beside an impish England, about the only fight people in Great Britain seem to be shrinking from these days.

2) Built from an MTA map, "NYC Subway Guy" is a dark-haired, guido-ish dude with an enormous torso & head made from New Jersey, with Manhattan incorporated as a flexing forearm/fist, likely overcompensating for the fact he's too afraid to admit he likes it in the tunnel. Come out of the closet, NYC Subway Guy, it's 2011!

3) In "Oh, Canada", a hairy Gremlin face with pointy ears and his mouth agape emerges from a sideways foldout map of the Great White North pulled from a National Geographic, which has kind of been rendered useless by the Internet these days, considering it frequently focuses on naked breasts and weather reports.