Because music sounds better when pumped through a Formula 1 exhaust

Running laps around other iDocks, iXoost's collection of customizable, top-notch sound systems actually resemble glistening goddamn hot rod exhaust manifolds, hand-built to include a litany of high-end audio tech by craftsmen in Modena, a city oft referred to as the "capital of engines", though mostly because Medellin already dibsed "capital of speed"

The Sound: Inspired by a quote from Enzo Ferrari declaring "the sound of a 12 cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony", the developers married muscle with music by machining a special system to pump out audio through the "high-tuned nerves of a throbbing Formula 1 tailpipe", the phrasing of which seems unnecessarily sexual until you remember they're Italian

The Look: Customizable down to screw color, and named for their relative jam-pumping power, the 8, 10, and 12 cylinder models' aluminum bases evoke crankcases from a '60s-era motorcycle, while their speakers serve as "little exhaust pipes" for the F1 replica manifold that snakes skyward and houses the wires & "nerves", something you need a lot of to push a Ferrari, and ironically have none of left if you're really into speed.

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