A fresh way to front your fridge

The front of a fridge is typically reserved for important things like family photos, wedding invitations, and magnetic poetry so lewd Ginsberg would happily ban it. But F that noise and get a smoking hot, half-naked chick from Kudu Magnets.

Straight outta Tel Aviv, just-launched Kudu makes magnetic vinyl panels the size of an entire fridge, and operates under the philosophy that you should be able to "change the design of your fridge anytime, maybe even every day". Kudu, you so Ku-razy! Ready-to-ship designs made to your specs include stylized wood planks, LEGOs, a brick wall, a forest canopy, and other stuff that isn't part of their range of smoke-show chicks doing stuff like stripping in the rain, licking bananas, and dropping their unmentionables, obeying the old adage "If you can't stand the heat, take your panties off and hang out near the Sub-Zero". If you have better shots of panty-less, banana-licking chicks, just shoot an email with a high-res file and they'll get in touch to talk over the layout before criticizing your photography skills working it up.

And because nobody should be left out, they even offer the same panels in sizes to fit the front of a mini-fridge, typically reserved for college students who think they're important because they read Ginsberg, which is kind of a Howl.