Your wrist can get you in shape

Psssst: look down at your stomach. If it's quivering, that's because it's fat, and justifiably terrified of Larklife: a tech'd-up wristband system with a dedicated smartphone app that tracks your daily physical activity, diet & sleeping habits, and uses them to propose real-time advice that'll have you "feeling great and finding that extra energy you sure could use". But instead of looking through your pockets for forgotten Ritalin, it does cool stuff like:

  • Measures everything from "micro-movements" to substantial exercise to precisely track the calories you burn during the day
  • Suggests optimal times to eat based on a given day's activity level, assuming all of your day's activity isn't eating
  • Sends "nudges" when you've been sedentary for too long (note: being nudged does not count as physical activity)
  • Monitors your circadian rhythm to advise the best time to sleep, and rates the quality of your slumber using the sure-to-put-you-to-sleep-science behind "actigraphy", which gets factored into its advice for the following day
  • Functions as a silent alarm clock, preventing grogginess by waking you at an optimal time with gentle vibrations, which won't resonate throughout your no-longer-fat belly