Glowing up retro metal

Because the only way to guarantee you look great is by eating right, exercising routinely, and getting plenty of rest standing in good lighting, Le Lambiste is a collection of crazily unique modern table-illuminators that look as handsome as you do bathing in their glow. Each one's crafted out of metal repurposed from retro home objects like muffin molds, gramophones, and a milkshake maker, which before it was rescued just brought all the boys to the junkyard. Here's some of what you'll find:

Spootniik: Equipped with a dimmer socket and named for a vague resemblance to the spacecraft, the Spoot's chrome bulb rests atop a silver socket connected to a tripod base, whose metal arms are wrapped in coiled silver wire, a look promised to "funkify" your pad, but hopefully not jack up your electric Meters.

Lampfer: The thin metal rod sporting the Lampfer's bulb is welded to an antique wood-handled clothes iron, which when touched anywhere will cycle through the dimmer's intensity settings (thankfully none of which are strong enough to give you wrinkles).

Hot In Here: Sitting in the dish of a desk-fan-like, copper-interior'd vintage Sunbeam space heater, the chrome bulb glows through a twisted metal grate from where the device's original blade was housed, and's powered via a 6' cord covered in "very sexy red cloth", which it probably needs just to lure those boys away from that milkshake machine.