A new way to judge people's taste in music!

It's hard to express the breadth of your musical tastes to someone, though you might try pressing "random" and hope that Bread rises from your iTunes. Explain your musical enormity without saying a word, thanks to MusicPound.

MusicPound makes it crazy-simple to share your taste in tunes with friends and random street-goers alike, instantly analyzing the similarities & disparities between two iPhones when they're "pounded" together, which likely won't lead to discovering you both have "Poundcake". What it does:

Compares: Pound-sync your library with another to launch a gauge-like "compatibility meter" that'll score the extent to which your tastes align, and highlight the tracks & artists that "form the foundation of your musical relationship", which, if it's anything like relationships in musicals, will end with you getting stabbed by a Latin street gang.

Reveals: MP can quickly tell you your most played (as well as most skipped) track/artist, your fave genre, and even the average release year of the songs in your library, going so far as to rifle off that year's award-winning movies, TV shows, musicians, albums, and actors.

Pigeonholes: Based on the breadth of your library it'll assign you one of seven musical personalities, from The Mogul (dynamic in social situations, particularly outgoing), to The Opening Act (see the world from a big picture perspective, follow a "harmonious path"), to The Groupie, which just means you want to Make It with the Guitar Man.