Windows don't have to be so damn boring

Initially taking up the art form as a distraction from a tragic loss, Nerd Glass's Judith Mascolo eventually grew tired of traditional geometric steez, and took the advice of her son, a video game developer, to step outside the box and make stuff "aimed at a particular group... like [me]". So now, in addition to having a self-serving son, she also has awesomely intricate works embedded with marbles, crystal, stone, and wire, including...

Nintendo Standbys: Mario flies toward the viewer, Yoshi winds up to hurl a speckled egg, and a heavily pixelated, cannon-pointing Mega Man shimmers cool blue in the (Dr) Light.

Logos: Peep Wonder Woman's dual Ws, The Avengers' encircled "A", and the dragon from Mortal Kombat, which would rather rip out your spine than watch you keep violating your Sub-Zero

Custom: OK, obviously she doesn't have these yet, but email her an image and she'll coordinate with you to capture the color, texture, and dimensions that will appeal to the most particular group: you.