Old beer, making you brighter

Drinking 100yr-old beer may not be the most efficient way to get lit, but using the bottle it came in now is, thanks to Peared Creation and their custom lamps made from pre-Prohibition suds vessels

To create one from the ground up, first pick the vintage bottle you dig from an impressive stock that was predominantly collected from antiquated breweries across the Midwest, e.g., The Cincinnati Brewing Co., Pittsburgh's Independence, and Buffalo's Phoenix, which won't help you rise from anything. Next, choose one of five steampunkish, black iron base configurations, which range from desk- to floor-sized, and are occasionally fitted with antique faucets for on/off switches

Other touches include retro, cloth-covered cords, and an informational tag that comes scrawled with info on the brewery, probably including "This beer tasted so bad they had Prohibition".