The helmet cam just got served

Published On 02/28/2012 Published On 02/28/2012

Shepherding "walking in another man's shoes" into the 21st century (a time when fewer and fewer people are sharing shoes due to the rise of sneakers with weird toes on the end), Pivothead's colorful, actually cool-looking shades can record 8GB of incredible POV video (or photos) via their built-in HD cam & mic, enabling state-of-the-art effects ranging from time-lapse to... wait for it... black and white mode!

Avail in four different styles and 13 colorways, the ultralight, rubberized frames sport interchangeable lenses optimized for particular action, from the Oakley-esque Recon's impact-resistant "safety" joints (good for hunters & outdoorsmen), to the Aurora, whose "mask"-style, anti-glare monolens are "super cool pretty much anywhere", except on dudes whose mask styles include mid-'90s Jim Carrey quotes.

As for the gadgetry, a perpetually autofocusing cam sits inside the bridge, using a gyroscopic image stabilizer to capture up to two hours of 1080p vid on a single charge, while the wind-resistant mic reels in crisp audio. Uploading to PCs & Macs is a cinch thanks to a direct USB connection, and while plugged in you can switch between preset modes (Sports, Spectator...) that all boast "face-tracking", which sounds cool so long as it doesn't have anything to do with black and white mode.