Your very own Wall of Sound

It isn't every day that a piece of art really speaks to you. But it could be if you owned one of Re-Baroque's ornately framed pieces of wall art, each of which conceals a self-contained amp and embedded speaker cones capable of streaming audio from any Bluetooth device within 90ft.While a few other operations have covered similar territory, RB ups the ante by offering fully custom setups, allowing you to design the frame, arrange the speaker placement, and even use specific prints, wallpapers, or photos for the image, making it truly The Art of Noise... which is hilarious, assuming you know your avant-garde '80s Brit synthpop.They also offer occasional "Artist Editions", commissioning the surely famous likes of Rosstar, Sharktoof, and Ellis G. to infuse pieces with their individual styles, and soon they'll be rolling out higher-end audio options, in case it's really important to you that Pink Floyd's "Money" sound exactly that.