Stuff your house with stuff... made from someone else's

Knowing the true origin of things is hot right now, unless you're talking about Hugh Jackman showing where he first received his all-too-ubiquitous adaman-hood. Taking origin to brand-new hyper-specifics is Reclaimed Cleveland: an e-furniture shop that not only builds your homegoods using materials salvaged from condemned churches, homes & stores, but also stamps each piece with the exact Cleveland address where its constituent components used to live. A peek:

Big Stuff: There's a jagged-edged coffee table/bench called the Jointer that rocks a stained pine base and oak top; a Southern Yellow Pine "Whiskey Island" table; and a pine/maple nightstand called the Cut-Off, which you might be after spending too much time on Whiskey Island.

Small Stuff: Look for maple/walnut/cherry cutting boards, a bottle opener made from a pine wedge and a bent nail, and even a paper towel holder made from a square slice of varied wood and a reclaimed pipe, a sufficient weapon should you need to go Bounty hunting.

If you need something more specific, they'll also do custom work -- including fixtures both inside and outside of Cleveland -- though all you really need is a pantry for all the chocolatey materials you salvaged from that Girl Scout Jubilee.

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