Living with roommates, now simpler

Published On 10/31/2011 Published On 10/31/2011

Because you shouldn't have to spend 525600 minutes collecting rent, use RentShare, a handy new payment platform taking the pain out of splitting & ponying up monthly dues by sending out individual reminders and streamlining their immediate payment.

After indicating the total rent/due date, tell it how much each roommate owes and submit their emails, after which they'll receive a link to access an account through which they can submit expenses (TP!) they've covered, subtracting that amount from their monthly share and dividing it amongst other tenants, who hopefully don't realize "TP" stands for Truffle Party. Which you threw. For yourself.

When the due date rolls around, everyone gets an individual email showing what they owe, with a link to pay directly through the site via either credit card (for a small fee) or their checking account (no fee thanks to a third-party billing service); alternately, you can directly deposit your cash into the landlord's bank account if they're willing to join the site, which they should be if they don't want to let you stay there for another Season purely out Of Love.