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Even skateboards deserve a second chance

Many childhood dreams die when you reach adulthood, unless you're Robin Williams in Jack, in which case, you do. Resuscitating skateboards left for dead by their erstwhile grown-up owners: ReSkate Boarding.

From a collective of graphic artists outta Barcelona, RSB rescues abandoned decks, reshaping & sanding 'em before blessing them with one-of-a-kind designs, resulting in a finished product you can either ride or hang as a piece of art, a solid option for office drones who want their Cube to Gleam. The options:

Go Custom: Use the web form to select from 31 different shapes they can fashion, declare whether it'll be skated on or a decoration (so they can prepare sturdily/non...sturdily), pick which of their 29 "rescuers"/artists you'd like to work on it, and note any design elements you want incorporated, at which point any disappointment in the final product will pr-ollie be your fault.

Go Prefab: Browse and buy from their current lineup of nearly 40 completed boards, from a west-siiiide-flashing hand composed of words, to one with mini-fins off the back and a snake & staff, a symbol historically associated with medicine, which'll be totally useless if you're Jack, or die from skateboarding.

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