Wood-icize your two-wheeler

Published On 06/17/2011 Published On 06/17/2011

It's important to remember that things aren't always what they seem -- that rock on the ground may actually be hiding a house key, and if the movies are right, that child's doll is almost certainly filled with stuff that's best served to your face via that same key. For custom rides that're more than meets the now-wildly-intense eye, check out Rob's Woodgrain Bikes.

A Kiwi who perfected his unique, quite in-demand faux-woodgrain technique restoring antique car interiors for the last 40yrs, Rob's ready to give your bike frame the same heavily guarded treatment, which is so intense it takes a full week to finish just one, just like a Harry Potter book! A peek behind the customizing curtain:

Prep: Ship on over your frame and Rob'll sandblast it down, then spray on an auto-caliber primer coat in order to erase any trace of the Huffy logo provide him a clean canvas to work with.

Paint: Once the base coat's dry he'll layer a special combo of paints with a spray-gun to achieve the proper coloring for one of his three wood options: "Grey Axe", "Bloody Brown", or "Sh*t Hot Brown", which hopefully isn't also bloody, because...gross.

Texture: To achieve his unique grain aesthetic he takes a special brush to each still-wet coat of paint, meticulously revealing slivers of the layer beneath it, a process known in the lumber industry as burl-esque.

Finish: To give the appearance of actual wooden construction, he applies a special "fogging" technique at the frame's joints to make them slightly darker, then finishes it off by coating the whole rig with a protective gloss coat, kind of like what playing with those dolls keeps doing to your eyes.



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