Old cars get a second life

Want your pad to get crashed by something other than deadbeat friends? Well Ronen Tinman breathes new life into junked car and motorcycle parts by cutting, welding, drilling, and painting them until they become furniture, with the months of hard work helping to "preserve a hint of their glamorous history" while adding a "comical twist", not unlike Carrot Top's plastic surgeon. Check 'em out:Storage: Stuff your stuff into a narrow, three-shelved cabinet rocking an old Toyota pickup's tailgate, or opt for a velvet-lined chest made from BMW 318 panels, complete with emblem, chrome model number, and door handles, giving new meaning to the term "pop the trunk".Lighting: A camshaft & disk-brake-based reading lamp sports an Oldsmobile hubcap shade, while an LED-bulbed floor lamp made from a Honda motorcycle tire & fuel tank gives off a "sporty aura", in spite of the fact that it's actually quite Posh.Tables: He's hollowed out a glass-topped Kawasaki ZX6 fuel tank to hold coffee table books & mags, while thin hall tables have been crafted using pieces of everything from old Lancias to Citroens, whose new models still aren't nearly as Revolte-ing as Carrot Top.