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Gadget research made easy

With all of the options out there, shopping for consumer electronics that fit your lifestyle can be daunting. Especially if you're Amish. Thankfully, there's Sortable, a new wildly customizable electronics recommendation engine that can match even a barn-raisin' fool to the TVs, phones, tablets, and cameras that best suit their budget and needs. Here's how it'll go down should you want, say, a TV...

Search: Select a max price, then browse more than 75+ specific features (each with a helpful pop-up explanation), from obvious metrics like size and web connectivity, to old-person-boggling ones including gamma calibration and Hz refresh rates. The results are scored on a 100pt scale based on how closely they match your wants, and also come with bullet-point Advantages ("Has Wi-Fi", "Supports Skype") and Tradeoffs ("Expensive 3D Glasses", or, if your friends are all mad ugly, "Supports Skype").

Compare: Check the "compare" box on any two TVs and Sort'll load up a page detailing many specific reasons to pick one over the other, their common strengths & weaknesses, and a side-by-side comparison of tech specs ranging from peak brightness to power consumption, which, if you're Amish, should probably be zero.

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