Join the revolution... and get better posters

Putting his creative vision to work beyond a daytime gig illustrating for ad firms, Steve Thomas's highly detailed early-century-style posters are themed around everything from classic video games to space exploration, because what Xenophobe doesn't want to "travel the solar system or join the fight against the villains of 1980s arcade games?".Arcade: Donkey Kong hurls a barrel from under the words "Defeat the Beast"; a recruitment poster for Joust encourages people to "join the flying elite"; and a Tron number's splashed with "De-resolution is the only Solution"... hopefully to any more Tron sequels.Space: Modeled after retro travel ads, intergalactic getaways include a zipline tour through the asteroid belt, an invitation to see Venus "by air" in a dirigible, and one selling Uranus as a great rest stop and "refueling station", so... Steve Thomas is gross.Workplace: Way cooler than passive-aggressive printouts, these red & blue joints artistically encourage everything from keeping the break room clean to washing your hands, which you should really do if you dropped a bomb, er...man.