Keeping tabs on your phone on the sly

Sure, smartphones are convenient, but sometimes they're hard to get to, like when they're really deep in your pocket, or kind of right at the top of your pocket, but your hands are covered in buffalo sauce or something. Whatever the case, sometimes stuff happens on your phone and you miss it, but not anymore thanks to the Cookoo Watch: a sophisticated, backlit, analog-faced timepiece that can remotely relay info from your cell, and even control it. A taste of the functionality:

  • Provides visual, audio, and vibration alerts for incoming/missed calls, texts, emails, FB messages, and calendar reminders, which no longer have to be "Check your calls, texts, emails, and FB messages"
  • Remote camera shutter button allows staging photos, which is "perfect for taking group shots", or undetectable voyeurism, whichever you're into (note: try undetectable voyeurism)
  • Alerts you when your battery needs juice
  • Can trigger the alarm on your phone when it's misplaced, assuming your forgetful ass didn't also ignore the low battery alert
  • Checks in on Foursquare, Yelp, or Facebook with one click
  • Can reject calls, because when you don't want to talk to somebody, cellphones are actually mad inconvenient