New modes of transportation are typically only tested by intrepid souls, which makes sense considering that after trying to hop on a comet-chasing spaceship, that's the only part of you that's left. Put your life on the line in the name of weird science with the Hoverbike.

Hoverbike's an insanely awesome, couch-sized, dual-prop hovercraft that resembles a motorcycle with horizontal turbine wheels whose Sydney-based enginneer's willing to sell you a not-yet-legal prototype right now so long as you're down to "do your own testing", or, in more straightforward terms, do your own maybe-dying. The specs:

Operation: With a 250lb-ish Kevlar & carbon fiber body that falls within the US's "ultralight" parameters, the HB doesn't require a pilot's license to fly, though "having experience in a helicopter or plane would be a great help", but whatever dude, you already signed on for the maybe-dying, remember?

Speed: Expected to reach a max airspeed of 130mph via a 115hp engine, it has a range of 90mi while carrying a max-weight 290lb rider, also what venues call Jessica Simpson's pre-show buffet contract.

Altitude: Rocking carbon-edged Tasmanian oak props in both the front and back, its upward thrust can bring you to theoretical max heights above 10000ft, which is why it's suggested you either get two "explosive" parachutes attached to the airframe, or wear an emergency one, though really anytime you need a parachute it's technically an emergency.

Once your magnanimous efforts help the HB to reach production, its engineer anticipates its applications to stretch from the film industry to aerial livestock-mustering, but everyone knows the trick to getting herds to follow you is Kool-Aid.