Who knew the military was so damn cushy?

Inspired by the complex construction of some old furniture he took apart out of curiosity, Stephen Kenn's Inheritance Collection is a line of simpler, "more transparent" furnishings that channel the rugged steez of his previous work at Temple Bags, which can carry enough cosmetics to keep you looking hot for 40 days and 40 nights

Painstakingly crafting each piece by hand using the "best materials available", Kenn welds frames out of rusted, marbled-brown steel, wraps them with replica WWII-era leather & cotton "mule belts" (hey, they were basically designed for big asses), and plops microfiber cushions on top that're upholstered in vintage army fabric pulled from tents, bags, clothing, and parachutes

Such simplified assembly results in streamlined, mid-century-esque sofas (both regular & sectional), armless chairs, and accoutrement from ottomans, to stools, to a glass-topped coffee table, probably the simplest way to be "more transparent".