A Kinect for your computer

Sending us all hurtling into a Minority Report-like future thankfully free of creepy bald precogs and Tom Cruise -- no, wait, dammit, he's still around -- The Leap's a flash-drive-sized, Kinect-like gadget that monitors eight cubic feet of thin air you can use to control your computer. Outfitted with three-dimensional motion sensing tech "100x more accurate than any other... natural user interface on Earth", Leap replaces mouse-controlled scrolling, zooming, and clicking with intuitive swipes, pinches, and finger-taps, promising "no one needs an instruction manual for their hands" (or if they do, they probably aren't ready for everything the Internet has to offer).It's sensitive enough to register a pencil writing in thin air (or, more useful, a finger ninja-slicing some fruit), you can program it to recognize custom gestures that initiate command sequences, and best of all, they've got prototypes avail for pre-order right now for only $69.99, a price you saw coming even less than Tom Cruise's career continuing to be as solid as the Rock of Ages.