The Mega Stomp Panic gives your Halloween costume something SFXtra

You may look, feel, taste, and smell like a pirate this Halloween, but your costume risks total failure without satisfaction of that all-important fifth sense. Enter: this thing.The Mega Stomp Panic by ThinkGeek instantly transforms your movements into those of a peg-legged buccaneer, city-trampling giant robot, sludge-slogging zombie, or even a jumping 8-bit gaming hero.Here’s how it works: There are two components to this self-contained sound effects system that clip to your belt. The first is about the size of an old Nintendo cartridge and has two knobs: one that switches between nine sound effects (also including rainstorm, gunslinger, giant monster, medieval knight, and steampunk robot), and another for volume. The second component is a smaller motion sensor. As you walk, the two coordinate your moves to provide the soundtrack to your robot life.With nine different sounds to choose from, you're set for at least eight Halloweens to come; it's your call if you really want to masquerade as weather.