A snowboard for the streets

Dreamed up by a Coast Guard cadet-cum-engineer ironically terrified of riding skateboards, the Tribey M7's a motorized, three-wheeled, off-road-capable "mountain board" that'll provide a great alternative to going hiking and getting mountain bored. The nitty gritty:

  • A rechargeable 1000w motor gives it a range of 18 miles & a top speed of 25mph when supporting a 195lb rider, so lower your expectations if you're the one from Van Halen's Diver Down tour.
  • Like a video game, the accelerator & brake're controlled via a thumb throttle. Unlike a video game, if you die, you do not start over.
  • The bindings adjust for both regular and goofy stances.
  • If you have terrible balance or just hate standing, they'll replace the bindings with a recumbent seat.
  • It comes w/ front and rear lights for safety, and a horn for annoyance.
  • It can go in reverse, and, for maximum pimpage, into cruise control.
  • They claim it has the kick to get through 3-inch potholes and sand, not to mention rain, puddles, rocks, wind, and all of the other terrible, inclement reasons to never go hiking again.