Keep your electronic music to yourself... or share it with that guy who also likes it

Urbanears' latest targets DJs pro and amateur, with swiveling earcups, sweat-resistant materials, and extraordinary dubstep tolerance, making them better suited for those whose catalog tends toward the synthetic

Coming in 49,000 colors and capable of folding neatly into the band, the Zinkens also boast two unique innovations. First is the TurnCable, a Kevlar-coiled detachable cord hosting a 1/4" plug at one end and a 1/8" plug at the other, allowing you to bypass jack adapters altogether. The second is the ZoundPlug. Probably not named for a Third Reich labor camp, it lets you to plug the TurnCable into either jack size -- one in each earcup -- leaving the open port free for a friend to listen in, so you can awkwardly listen to club music on your couch together.