Stick some nostalgia to your phone

In an innocent time before assistant coaches started getting unspeakably gross with children, children were unspeakably gross themselves, and none were more scampishly delightful than the Garbage Pail Kids. Now they're back with a line of super-thin gels, which'll protect your phone and/or tablet from nicks, scratches, and other minor mishaps. Check out the designs:

Handy Randy: By jamming his hands through his head and into his mouth to form teeth using his fingers, Randy became the first person literally capable of flossin' with diamonds.

Rock E. Horror: This joint'll put your phone in a time warp. Like, because Garbage Pail Kids are from the '80s, and there was that song from the movie...right?

Mad Max: Just like the star of the post-apocalyptic flick, this dude is now totally brainless.

With each purchase you also gain full access to their wallpaper gallery so you can have the same disgusting images in your phone, about the only way having know what, never mind.