Quentin v. Coen Exhibit

From the cinema to the gallery, people love to complain about art, whether for being obtuse and self-important, or just because his 'fro is totally blocking their view. For a gallery of cinema art so Garfunkel-less it can't help but rock, check out the Quentin v. Coen exhibit

Stocked with works from over 100 emerging artists who were asked to draw inspiration from the quirk, violence, and "genre-defining soundtracks" of Sir Tarantino and The Brothers Coen, this collection of purchasable hanging art's being billed as a "battle-royal" with plenty of cheese. A pittance of highlights

Matt Leunig: With only 60 printed up, "Terrence the Destroyer" depicts Raising Arizona's Lone Biker of the Apocalypse surrounded by swirling fire and carrying quintuplets and shotguns in the style of a "Shiva-like figure from a Hindu tapestry", which probably looks even cooler when you're Hi

evANIMAL: An "epic rendering" from the epically accomplished (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal...Samsung!) Savannah artist, this silkscreen print compiles every diner scene ever directed by the dueling muses, mashing up Pulp Fiction, Fargo, Reservoir Dogs, and The Big Lebowski, though not Jackie Brown, as diners can serve their own coffee black

Seth Patrick: In a nod to the constant presence of Steve Buscemi, SP's Floyd-riffing "Wish Steve Was Here" imagines a bowling ball-toting Donny on a studio set meeting an en fuego Mr. Pink, though no one's in between them to literally say "I'm stuck in the middle of you"

To kick everything off, opening night'll feature a character costume contest with ltd prints up for grabs, plus free "caucasians", though unless he cuts his hair and stops being such a wang, they'll probably have to pay someone to take Garfunkel off their hands.