Kabinett & Kammer

A popular saying holds a cat can be killed by its curiosity, but that assumes it first survives our own curiosity at the many many ways it can be skinned. Sorry, Mr. Skittles! For a shop filled with curiosities both stuffed and not, check out Kabinett & Kammer

An outpost of a cult-fave upstate curio store, K&K was founded by an artist & collector who started gathering odds and ends from a global consortium of dealers when he was 16yrs old, and's curated to be a cost-effective alternative to buying art while reflecting the owner's "masculine vision of decor", which apparently exists.

The space's filled with interesting oddities, most visceral a slew of vintage taxidermy, which ranges from hulking beasts (a reclining, fully racked buck; a museum-sourced baby zebra) to smaller, more apt-friendly numbers including a fox, an alligator head, and a skunk, which, if the old adage is true, can't be dealt until it's smelt.

Further objets d'interest include posters -- a large scientific jellyfish chart from the former Czechoslovakia, old-school exercise diagrams -- and knickknacks like vintage sports equipment, ostrich eggs, and a human skeleton from 19thC England, at any price still a total R.I.P. off

They're hoping to start up wine & cheese nights and coffee service, and also get their wares up on the internet, a place where curiosity always leads to some skin.