About the easiest possible way to get your pad painted

Painting in NYC can be a real pain, unless you live in Bushwick and your dad's a real estate developer, and is sort of like "helping you out, sometimes". If you need help painting your apartment because you -- and this is going to sound ridiculous -- have to spend time at your actual job, check out MyPaint

From the team that made your apartment walls sanitary enough to actually paint on with tidying service MyClean, information supernets-based Paint will get your joint some fresh color (which you can preview online before you make a final decision) without you ever having to pick up a phone book... then tear it in half to display your strength before you start Googling painters! First upload a photo of whatever room(s) you need done, then use their Colorjive program to digitally render those walls with any hue available, so you don't have to make a blind call you regret later. After that, their fully supervised team will come in and take care of business the old-fashioned way: getting Huck Finn to trick neighborhood kids into thinking it's fun. Or, priming, spackling, painting, and those kinds of things.

All that's great, but if you really want to go for it, they actually have access to a seriously deep well of graffiti artists who will come right into your house and tag things up just the way you want them, although if you live in Bushwick, that's probably already taken care of.