Exploding on the furniture scene

Although anyone willing to expose their bombs or cans in your current apartment probably looks better with the lights off, Stockpile Designs makes lighting out of exactly that: decommissioned bombs, ammo cans, and missiles. The brainchild of a real-life "air-force brat" who grew up with "strange decor" from the places his parents were stationed, SD hits up surplus dealers & aviation scrapyards for materials, taking them "out of their aggressive context... [and] highlighting the form", a plan that has proven impossible to apply to dudes on Jersey Shore. A few ways to light up your day:Friendly Fire: Although it's hard to imagine a "friend" accidentally firing a 2' bullet at you, the FF's made from a single recoil-less 1954 artillery rifle shell, has a turned walnut top, and houses a 12" long incandescent bulb in its perforated steel case.The Megaton: Taking a 100lb Korean War bomb and removing the paint/corrosion to expose the steel, the Megaton's angled fins and rough machinist's marks "contrast with a 'traditional' table lamp form, giving the piece a muted aggression", unlike the rest of the lamp, which has the regular aggression of a 100lb bomb.The Beacon: With spring-loaded stabilizing fins that're polished & nickel-plated for a "durable, bright shine", the Vietnam War-era cluster bomblet used in this lamp was actually "a dummy", just like you if you think you're going to get sweet bombs in your apartment any other way.