One man's junk is everyone else's awesome

Motorcycles have given the world plenty in the way of transportation advances, but they've done little to benefit life inside the home save for monumentally entertaining seven seasons of American Chopper. For a run of furniture and accessories that will never get off to Nubby for powdercoating on time because Vinny ordered the wrong brake caliper changing all that, check out Butcher Shop Rehab

From a motorcycle enthusiast and self-professed "junker" with "tastes ranging from Neiman Marcus to the thrift shop", BSR's a line of lighting and seating assembled from found objects, used motorcycle parts, and old tools, though how he crafted furniture from Maynard James Keenan screaming for six minutes straight is unclear. Highlights

Planet Lantern LampsMade from old motorcycle headlights re-jiggered to run on outlet power, these accent lamps include a round jawn fitted with a chrome spike and a switch panel made from an old deadbolt and legs formed from cabinet knobs, effectively giving a lock legs faster than J.J. Abrams ever could

Dolly ChairShowcasing the builder's love for the Depression & WWII-era are these chairs, made from sticking gigantic blocks of reclaimed wood onto mid-century warehouse dollies with large wooden handles, giving you a stacked dolly sans the trip to Pigeon Forge

Crate LampsThese pendant lights hang from recycled rope and use old shop lamps housed within crates like a wooden bottle rack whose metal guides provide a supportive natural tension, as opposed to the overt tension between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., all because Cody mis-wired the lighting on the lawnmower bike.