Just pray there's none of you

There're a few things in life that're absolutely inescapable, namely death, taxes, and that garbage disposal with the weird alien snake, unless 3PO would just pick up his damn comlink...where could he be?!? Also, embarrassing photos you thought you detagged yourself from, now immortalized by Erin M. Riley.EMR's a Philly-based chick turning out wallhangings handmade on a loom following Google Image research on topics like "morning after" and "girl kissing", and depicting bad decisions, regrettable acts, and questionably legal behavior, aka the production process of every Michael Bay movie ever. Some highlights:No Means No?This beaut features a faceless but assuredly classy black-haired lady pulling down the collar of her tee to reveal a rather large hickey, even though depictions of brutal sucking traditionally involve the Mets.G13BThis woven college candid illustrates two things unique to dorm life: awkwardly posed ladies in various stages of undress, and freakishly tall beds that can store laundry baskets underneath them.History 3Nearly three feet across, this highway landscape depicts a particularly bad driving decision as a curving cliffside road is matched with a set of straight skid marks... though don't skid marks always indicate a bad decision?Getting your hands on one of these is as simple as hitting Erin's site and contacting the gallery they're hosted at, but do it quickly, as even that huge sturdy-looking metal pole is just going to get crushed in the compactor these things tend to sell out pretty briskly.