Giving you the Yoo-Hoo painting you always wanted

Artists draw inspiration from all manner of things, from the beauty of nature, to lost loves, to what you really learned in college, which is totally hilarious, because it's actually just beer and like, never anything from class. Drawing inspiration from beer too, plus other similarly beloved minutiae of everyday life: Homemade Pop

A project from a local chick taking a break from the commercial graphics industry, HP's a line of folksy, full-color, elevated-doodle pop art illustrations of household items and decidedly DelVal nostalgia with a set of markers and Pilot pens, but not Pilot pen15s, because you're not cool enough to even know about that club. (Oh, you want in? Ok, here's what you do...) Showing some local crazily affordable ($5 for prints, or $30 for an original) love in 5"x7" doses are depictions of a well-salted (and presumably pee-free) pretzel, boxes of Butterscotch Krimpets and Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes, and a bottle of Kenzinger -- which, at $5, is slightly pricier than a real bottle, but offers impressively similar taste. For Philly flavor with an older-school touch, there're illustrations of the old "setting sun" Wawa sign, a vintage Frank's soda label, the hasn't-changed-in-forever Taylor Pork Roll packaging, and a classic-styled Herr's delivery van, though it doesn't have any dents so it must've been driven by a Himm, right?! Just kidding, women are excellent drivers sometimes

If decorating the house in an illustrated grocery list isn't your thing, HP's also doing illustrated lyrics to some oldies hits, including a "Sugar Mountain" lyric with a pic of cotton candy, and a line from "House of the Rising Sun" accompanied by a suitcase, which you learned in college is really a shot of Jack Daniels followed by a shot of passion fruit juice.