Live within 60mi of Philly? Want a custom dude room?

Because your knowledge of home improvement is pretty much limited to insulting Richard Karn (and ogling JTT!!), you need to check out Man Cave Kingdom, a new, web-based home-improving service from a Cherry Hill dude who'll help you convert your makeshift Pilates room into a dude-suitable... makeshift Pilates room

While it doesn't have everything, the e-store has pretty much everything, with 27000pcs including furnishings (rattan & glass bars, tufted leather sofas), decor (fully painted replica race car doors, neon signage galore), and single-tap beer dispensers that pour your brew out of bowling balls that'll no doubt look awesome in your spare room. All of the stuff's grouped by category (flooring, banners, booze fridges), plus by man-theme like The Car Guy, The Country Boy, and The Sports Guy, which's thankfully memorabilia and not just podcasts. If design's not your thing, they'll loan you their full-time, on-staff interior designer, who's decorated everything from extra bedrooms to private airplane hangars, and'll personally come out to your within-60mi-of-Philly crib, scout the room for all the necessary dimensions, and then put together a contractor-ready package full of 3D computer renderings, blueprints, and all the necessary kits from the site

Not keen to rest on their bro reputation (breputation?), Man Cave's got a few new things in the works that might make an appearance, like some high-tech locks that'll ensure your new stuff'll be secure at Al times.