New summer rides that'll keep you upright

Some things are just better when they're longer -- for example, do you ever see anybody eating at Short John Silver's? Didn't think so. Applying that delicious, totally airtight logic to skateboards: Push Sk8shop & Gallery.Part workshop, part showroom, and part living room, Push is the dwelling/ shop of the dude behind sk8lamps, decked out in reclaimed and found materials (from a well-worn Victorian sofa to shelving made from scrap lumber), and dealing exclusively in longboards: the extended skate decks designed less for turning tricks and more for stability, a move only previously accomplished by Julia Roberts. Notable boards:Dead Pool SharkTopped entirely with spray-on grip, it's meant to be ridden barefoot and's outfitted with a small tail you can use to kick up the board to reveal a giant skull graphic, translucent red wheels, and a built-in bottle opener, which'll make you the life of the next beer bash, as intoxicated people love translucent red wheels! Oh, and the bottle opener.Big FootThis deck's 10in wide and's rolling on 70mm wheels that provide a smooth, stable ride; the whole thing's cut into the shape of a giant simian foot with a bottom painted like the screaming mouth of a sasquatch, who you'll run from, in Alpha Fright.Blue GoddessSuper-long (nearly 4ft) and bedecked with a raven-haired bombshell, this thick seven-ply board's great for heavier riders and for easy rolling, has ball bearing packs on the wheels -- convenient, since you just got booted from the bus for your own ball baring.Because they're made down in the basement, there's also plenty of the owner's aforementioned sk8lamps on display, including the new Trophy, which's two red bulbs mounted amongst skater trophy figurines, which're presumably plastic, and therefore short on silver.